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Looking back on 2012 Roadrunner Stringjam-Scroll down for Photos

Wow! It was May 15 when we last visited our site to post info and we are just now getting to the photos and the recap of a great 2012 Roadrunner Stringjam. The photos are all at bottom of this blog so go check them out..So let's take a short journey on my blog here and tell you about and all the great folks who came to share with us, and the great music and food we shared. Oh and that other stuff we shared! Well the truth is all the Roadrunners are special. We did our tribute to Woody Guthrie's 100th year this year. I wasn't sure how all the different players would respond but in the end it was wonderful. Many different times throughout the 5 days we did Woody tunes, and for a couple hours each night in one of the rooms there was a tribute of many of his tunes that led into some wonderful jamming. We did some Levon Helm tributes, and some Doc tributes too. Had some jazz tunes, blues tunes, Monroe tunes and everything else that resembles folk and acoutical music. Well I guess when late at night we did The Who led by a dobro player, that might be the exception, but we had a blast. We decided to post our video clips up on our Youtube site. There are a dozen or more. Just go to Youtube with our link here and search Roadrunnerstringjam site for the 2012 videos.. I will try and put one here for fun to start you off. Don't forget to turn off or pause the audio player on bottom or sound will all  jumble together.



 some of the guys on Sunday am having some fun during some gospel tunes.....

Some fun stuff. And if you have some special photos or videos of 2012 please send them to us via email to post on this website. Just great music, folks, food, and fun, and the weather outside allowed for a lot of jamming in the warm sunshine as the photos show. Although several of our regulars did not make it this year, we had many new friends join us this year as we watch our base of musicians starting to grow. We love seeinng new faces each year and see how it adds to the music, which it always does. I want to thank all of our old friends who are the origianls who helped start the Roadrunnerstringjam.. Having many of you come back this year made it extra special. You are special friends and we hope you continue to put us on your calendars. My Sons were both here to bless us with my Grandson Eli, and my Nephew and Neice have been faithful to make the trip down from Denver each year. Players, keep on telling your special friends and musicians you would like to invite, bring them with you next year, and it should continue to get even better as we go forward. I cannot wait to see what happens next year and the years after.  So pour yourself a glass of something you really enjoy while you walk thru the photo gallery, find a memory or special friend you met this year, remember how special a time it was, and come join us in 2013.     We love you all!  Geo and Tanya

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