2019 was amazing with over 50 folks

please read through the website and then

email Geo for your invite

FYI : There is an audio player at the bottom of each page,

the music is from players who attend .. check it out...  

 2020 was cancelled for the spring

The fall gathering was smaller than usual but wonderful

winter jam was small and intimate

2021 and future jam gatherings will be smaller and will be special invite only so please contact Geo individually for dates and your invitation 




5th Annual Logo

Roadrunner String Jam 2013 Remembered our friend Cliff Potter

 His Banjo will be missed ( his wife Kris and her friends help organize and run our patio kitchen. Be sure to say hi to her and thank her)

We also remember all of our other dear picker friends who have passed as well. 

Gary Libman, Michael Roe, Tom Rodda, Butch Baldasarri, Pete Seeger, Doc Watson, john prine, jerry jeff walker, tony rice, justin townes earle, john starling, charlie pride, billy joe  shaver, peter green, bill withers, 

Geo and Tanya Scholz

George "Geo" Scholz

-Founder/Organizer of the Roadrunner String Jam

( so you know he had help and several others are also founders)

Octave Mandolin by Bill Bussman/ Old Wave

The Annual Roadrunner Stringjam: A yearly Reunion of friends and family. Pickin, eatin, sippin, campin, and having fun after a long winter. It happens in the Spring and in the Fall and sometimes, in winter too!

       My apologies for not getting the yearly updates on this website done. This website gets updated from the web folks and often moves stuff around and deletes some photos. It's all here if you read through the 3 pages....

Many of you know the past few years my wife Tanya is healing from a broken neck and several other surgerys. She is doing well as I write this. I promise to get yearly photos updates as soon as time allows. FYI, you can go back on my facebook page to the Spring and Fall approx. dates and see our posts that way.. Always late April or early May and the same in late Sept. or early Oct. ...... geo

Just know that almost all the info on this website is still good and you can always email me or call me to get clarification. georgef444@gmail.com or 505-803-9068

2016 actually was an incredible 10 year celebration... 2017 was also amazing and we keep getting new pickers each year to join us..2018 and 2019  were also wonderful with 50-60 in the spring and 15-30 in the fall. The winter jams are small, intimate and awesome. The photos on the photo page give you an idea.. If you have any to add please send them to Geo....via email... 

        Spring Roadrunner 2016, Wed April 27th-Sunday May 1st, will be our 10th year. We Cannot believe it has been a decade...Awesome! Click the  " News " page link above to see info and photos of past years and the followup blog and our latest entry on what is planned for 2016. Special Note: Our new 3 day fall jam started in 2013 and continued last year, 2015, was wonderful with about 20 folks attending.  Info on food and camping is in the new blog entry on News page. There is also a Campsite Map for reserving a camping spot.  The " News " link is at top of this page. If you are just joining us, we recently posted a few videos of  past years Roadrunner on the video page. Mainly up to 2011. Check them out after you read through the blog..

 There are also many 2012 videos on our Youtube page. On youtube our name of course in your search is ----roadrunnerstringjam (one word). If any of you have videos during the Roadrunner and are willing to share them on our Youtube page please talk to us..!!


        Fall 2015 dates were October 2,3,4, ( friday /sat/ sunday) Please mark your calendars. We would love to see you!!! Don't forget to email Geo for a campsite map that is printable. Our past years we had some special celebrations happen. 

2014 was our biggest group to date with over 60 folks total attending. See the many photos we have of last year on the Photo page..  Several new pickers made it really special. Again we were blessed with wonderful weather in the day for outside pickin right under the pines...We had a celebration for Pete Seeger and his memory and carried it to the Abq Folk Festival a month later... Great fun and pickin. 2013 we celebrated our good friend Cliff Potter and it was wonderful to remember one of our orignal members in such a great way with music and fun. For 2012 a special dedication to Woody Guthrie and his 100 year celebration was a big success. See more on the News page.

Back to The annual RRSJam and what it is all about for any new folks:


 Hey, Geo here. Before I begin rambling about our gathering, make sure you check out the on going blog, By now you know it is the  "News" page on our site. We post current info on what has been happening and news for this coming year’s gathering.  As of April 16th 2012 blog entry we just posted a new one with important details and info on the food and the pot luck meals. We also posted a copy of the new campsite map to view. Also you can change the songs on the sites audio player to hear different tunes by clicking the forward and back arrows on the player module, you can also hit the stop button if you are viewing videos or other items on the site that have seperate audio. FYI-The background music is from players you know who have attended the Stringjam. If you have a favorite instrumental in mp3 format we would love for you to send it so we can add it to our website playlist. 

 2014 was our 8th year for the Roadrunner Stringjam. Our reunion of friends and relatives from New Mexico, Colorado, and places far and near will be 9 years old this year. Join us to spend a fun 5 day weekend of great music, food, camping, fun, and conversation to catch up with one another and just enjoy the great sunshine and outdoors here in Northern New Mexico. We moved the time slot up 2 weeks in 2009 to capture some warmer weather and make it easier for a few others to be with us. It seemed to work and the weather was great for the 2009, 10,11, 12, 13, and 2014 Roadrunner. First weekend in May were the days for 2014. Sorry you missed us. Come join us for 2015!!


May 2-6 2013 were the 2013 dates.Yeh that one is gone too! If you were here you know it was special. But not too late to put the dates for 2014 on your calendar. OOOOps.. that one is one you may have missed too.. but 2015 Spring jam is coming up in late April and early May,  and this year's 9th Annual 2015 Roadrunner Stringjam is April 29th - May 3rd.. Wed - Sunday. OF course by now you realize that all these are past dates and your next chance to join us is 2016. Dates are top of this page.. email us and pick a camp spot and put it on your calendar!!!


We also had two more enclosed structures that are heated to make jamming more enjoyable and allow some space to diversify a bit on styles of music. It worked well for 2010-2014 and we had all 3 going until wee hours. 3am by some accounts.. But those folks were not very reliable in their condition at the hour so you can just speculate as to the hour music ceased. One we often use as a chow hall during mealtimes when wind or cold come to visit us. We also used it in the am for a coffee hut. Worked out real nice and folks could access their email with wi fi in there too. 


The Roadrunner Stringjam was an idea that was given birth about 10 years ago on a suggestion from a couple of Colorado friends who felt we needed to have an intimate camping gathering to hang out and play music and relax outside of the craziness of the larger festivals we were all attending each year. We have had a great time doing just that these past few years,  and after a long winter we all look forward to our reunion each year to share stories about ski trips and midwinter music and of course long winters we endured.


I turned 63 at the 2014 Stringjam, so 2014 was a special time. My wife insists on a birthday cake at each Stringjam. I don't complain. This year, 2016 I got my medicare card. You know what that means..   I have been married to my honey Tanya for 38 years and we both love having folks come for our gathering each year when spring comes around. The music and food and fellowship is wonderful. Here she is below on our trip to Italy a few years ago. One of our first trips across the ocean together.




We have come to know many of our folk and bluegrass friends during the past 15 years. All Special Great folks. The past couple of years we have had several new friends from the Albuquerque Folk Festival group join us and also a few new players from Colorado. In 2010 we had a guitar workshop and a new Sunday morning Gospel time. We have had an acoustical blues jam, Woody jam and many others...We try not to plan it out too much. It takes on a different flavor of it's own each year and that truely makes it special. If you have some new ideas please share them....

Thursday, Friday and Sat nights we have a group potluck. (See the link for our running blog under current "News" for details.) This blog also has a ton of photos from the 2011 and 2012 Festivals. 2011 we added 2 more heated jam rooms to our set up and in 2012 we did a dedication to celebrate Woody Guthries 100th year. 2012 also saw the beginning of our new Campsite Map. You can view it on the " News " page link if you scroll down the page a bit. When you email us for an invite ask for a map so you can select a camp spot and we will help you out choosing something to your liking.


So what is the Stringjam really all about? Well, as my friend Don so eloquently put on the first year’s poster……..

"Not just another mandolin mannered, beer soaked, tent rigged, popped up, sorta tuned, hot tubbed, rough ridden, camped out, chipotle smoked, musical New Mexico weekend….An invitation only, stringed musical gathering in Northern New Mexico, happening annually, in early spring each year since 2007."  And now in the fall too!


Come Wednesday through Sunday. Bring your fiddle, dobro, dulcimer, guitar, mando, bass…. Anything with strings or wind instruments. ( acoustical only) … plus a tent or camper. Need help with camp gear, just let us know if you need some help…Are you a player? Want a personal invitation? Please email Geo for details if you’d like to find out more or simply fill out the "contact" form below.



We do not allow pets at our gathering so leave your pet with a loved one and come join us.. We are in a strict fire danger area and this is a family orientated gathering,,, so no smoking and no drugs ! Violators will be asked to leave. 

Food and camp questions and campsite map on the " News" page on the blog dated April 15th and in several other places too, so go check it out and it answers most questions..




Any questions or comments about the festival are gladly accepted.