Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can go to the stringjam?

Anyone who is given an invite. But, EVERYONE, Needs to email Geo and share some info to get an invite. It is easy to do. Just takes a minute or two. Please read through the website first and then call or send your email. If you are not a relative or personal friend already we want to know something about you and then we can invite you.  FYI, this gathing was always meant for pickers first with their families.   I prefer an email but if you don't use it much just call  Geo 505-803-9068

Fyi, your kids are welcome. We try and keep it family friendly. But, we do not allow dogs or pets at the RRSJam


2. Where is it?

Located in Northern New Mexico, north of Santa Fe. Located on very private land with large pines and grasses. Once you have exchanged emails with us and have an invite you will be given directions.Don't forget to ask Geo to email them.. They are written out in detail! 


3. When is it?

In the springtime and the fall each year. and sometimes winter too...... First weekend in May  Wed-Sunday. 

The Fall dates are the first weekend of October Thursday-Sunday

 Remember everyone, if there is a Sat or Sunday that falls in the first weekend of May or Oct. then that is the correct week.. Every single year!!!!!!

4. Can we camp there?

Yes, we encourage you to stay here on the land and we have room for small RV’s, trailers under about 30ft, tents, and pop-ups. We do have water availble here but no hose connections or elec hookups. It is best if you set up a reserved spot with Geo ahead of time if you want to be close to things. Please come prepared. It makes it more fun for everyone.

Ask Geo to email you a pdf file of the new campsite map. But you can go on the " news page" , our blog and scroll down and see the new campsite map.. You RV folks will be over in the area called Hard Travelin.. I planted grass over there last year and it is all nice chips and grass, with trees.. very nice area.. 


5. What about bathrooms and showers?

We have clean porta johns set up for the 5 days. We also have showers available during set day hours 10-3pm. Bring your own towels and toiletries.


6. Are there live paid performing bands playing?

No just Pickers, and our family and friends all jamming together in several styles of acoustical music. Folk, Celtic, bluegrass, Singer songwriter styles and more. 2014 is a tribute year to Pete Seeger .... 


7. What kind of instruments are allowed?

Almost anything acoustical. No amplification allowed here. We are in a subdivision and want to respect our neighbors wishes to keep things quiet and peaceful. So far we have done that for 7 years. What has been here in the past are: guitars, mandos, octave mandos, fiddles, bass, cellos, accordion, bodhran, autoharp, harmonica, banjo, hammer dulcimer, clarinet, flutes and whistles, and probably a few other acoustical instruments. Can’t really remember all of them.


8. What about food?

You need to bring your own food and drinks. All the details are on the New's page of this website. There are stores within 15 minutes but most folks do not leave until they are ready to go home. We do have our potluck in the evenings. Keep an eye on the "News" page on the Stringjam website. CHECK OUR LATEST NEWS BLOG.  In our blog (News) and you will see what theme we have each night and bring something to contribute. We also have a community kitchen area for cooking and making breakfast, lunches and coffee.  No need to bring all your cooking gear since we have enough to share. There are usually some extra coolers and a fridge. You are welcome to use it with all of us. Most folks bring their own utensils and plates and their favorite mug but we do have some extras to share. Ice is always needed. 

For those of you who have never been to a potluck here is how it works. Bring a dish for EACH meal to contribute along with drinks etc.  

9. Is alcohol ok to bring?

Yes, and bring a bit to share. Everyone else does. But no drugs or firearms allowed. No smoking near the food area or in the music spaces. You can smoke on the property but please be very careful of fire danger.


10. What about pets?   NO PETS ALLOWED!

You can bring your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or child, but no dogs or animals allowed here on our property during the Stringjam. It is just too crazy and hard to manage. No exceptions.


11. Are campfires allowed?

No open campfires allowed. Depending on weather we sometimes have an enclosed campfire in the gravel drive area for everyone at night. NOTE: OUR COUNTY HAS HAD A FIRE RESTRICTION ON RIGHT NOW. EVEN FOR SMOKERS SO BE EXTRA CAREFUL.LAST YEAR THERE WAS A 2 ACRE FIRE JUST DOWN THE ROAD..So we are extra carefull.... 


12. Speaking of weather, what is the weather expected to be like?

Like weather, what did you want me to say? No is has usually been nice in the day hours 50’s and 60’s but cool to cold at night. Now that we have moved it up to early May it should be in the 37-40 range at night but expect anything. Even a crazy late spring snow is possible. The music spaces are warm and out of the wind and heated as needed. As you have heard we are going to use our new larger music room for dining also when weather is colder if needed.


13. Is there a charge for entry?

No, it is my family reunion of sorts, but most of the folks who come  give a donation to help with some of the costs to set it all up each year. Things like the porta johns, set up fees and THE JAMESON FUND.  Give what you can.


14. Are there posters or shirts available ?

We have had posters each year and you can see some of them on the pics and vids link on the other pages of the website. We also have had a different shirt or cap each year that you can purchase. We have some older shirts and misc stuff for purchase so just ask when you get here. 2011 we had nice mugs and koozies. 2012 is a surprise.. don't forget to ask!!  2013 was dedicated to our long time friend Cliff Potter who died of a lung condition late in 2012 ... We do have some of the shirts from 2013 left to sell you that honor Cliff and represent the Roadrunner String Jam.. 2014 we have some bumper stickers for you...

It is now 2019 so this is just getting updated. Plenty of cool left over mementos.. just ask Geo!


15. Are we able to camp close to our vehicles and leave if we need to during the Stringjam?

Those folks who wish to get in close pretty much need to stay until Sunday because they are somewhat boxed in. They usually get in on Wed or Thursday or Friday am at the latest. You can leave your vehicle where you camp but now vehicles from the lower area are allowed out until Sunday. If you think you may need to go somewhere then park your car up above on the road.  The earlier you get here and arrange for a reserved spot the better off you are. Ask for the new campsite map be sent to you and use email to get more details.


16. Someone mentioned you have a hot tub for use, is that true?

Yes we have an outside wood fired hot tub that is usually going. No nude bathing and there are rules posted.  Shower before using tub. 2 at a time, no kids allowed in the tub this year without their parent in the tub with them. It is available to everyone. There is a fire restriction on right now with our county fire marshal so we will have to watch it closely to see if we need to leave tub off. It is day by day.


17. I am sure you may have some other questions. Ask them in your email that you send to us. is my email.. or call 505-803-9068