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April 16th 2012 / The 2012 Stringjam is almost here !!!




Is Everyone ready for Spring weather camping and some great music???

Well the 2012 Stringjam is here in a few short weeks. We will be having a volunteer work weekend, bbq, and jam Friday April 20th and Sat April 21st.. Come join us if you can. Contact Geo for details on what we will be doing. The 2012 Roadrunnerstringjam starts Wed May 2nd and goes thru the weekend to May 6th. We have answered many of your questions on our FAQ page of this website. Go check it out the link is at the top of this page over there on the right side. FAQ.  For more details on food and camping you can scroll down this blog page. Camping news!! We have a brand new campsite map done by Rick and Geo and you can use it to request a reserved camp spot. It is a printable pdf file so ask Geo to email you one if you do not already have one. We hope to soon have it posted here on the site. This year is dedicated to the 100 year Centennial Celebration to Woody Guthrie. His words, music and his influence on all Americana music. Tribute concerts are going on all over the country this year in his honor.. Learn a couple of his tunes if you don't already know some.. See you soon, Geo


Food? Food? You got Food Questions? Scroll down and you will find out about Food..







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