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Food, food and food info.. campsite map below food info!!!!!!!!!

The 2015 Roadrunner Stringjam is just around the corner friends. ( this blog was from 2013 and our Pot luck menu is still the same since it has worked so well)  Lots of folks have been asking questions about food. They do every year. You do realize that we have already answered many of your questions on the FAQ page on this site. Please check it out after you read this. Food is one of the questions on that page..But, we will go into it here for more detail just in case your question is not answered on that page. For 2015 Wed free meal, Tanya's homemade Posole with Pork and Green chili is the meal. ( also meatless for you veggie folks) Served with Tortillas from Charlies Spic and Span in Las Vegas. We have had a great response to the Free Wed Dinner offer and we hope to have a good group showing up Wed to start things off. Just to clarify the requirements for your free dinner I will explain for those who are not quite sure what you have to do. Any musician and their spouse who comes for the  opening on Wed, and joins in the music Wed evening, and stays for the festival, will get a dinner on us..Our goal is to get the music going Wed afternoon and evening. We did the dinner in 2012, 2013, 2014,  even though most did not show up until evening.  Get here early if you plan to eat with us!  We will have someone take and early count and plan that way. Dinner is at 5 pm Wed. Love to get an early start. 

Not a musician. Well for a small fee you can join us too. What is a dinner worth? MAYBE YOU CAN PROVIDE REFRESHMENTS!   We all love refreshments!

OUR FRIDGE IS now working but,,,, MAKE SURE YOU BRING COOLERS AND ICE THIS YEAR.. WE have a small backup freezer to keep bulk stuff or your favorite pre cooked meal for the pot luck frozen for an extra day or two..... THANKS,, GEO

Since food is important,  lets talk about it. You are responsible for all of your own food and drinks. But let me mention one thing to folks who may come solo or from out of town on their own ... There is always plenty and we all share real well..To make things easy we have a fairly decent kitchen set up under the patio for everyone to share if they do not want to bring all their camp cook wear and just bring some basics. They can cook in their own campsite for easy stuff and use our kitchen outside for other meals.  Each morning several folks gather to share coffee, tea,  or other drinks and some actually eat. Some folks like to eat at their campsite and some bring their food over to share a breakfast at the common kitchen area. It is different each meal. Lunch is kind of the same. Some folks leave their coolers at the kitchen area and some don't. For the pot lucks Thur, Fri, Sat, each person contributes something. Most bring their favorite dish and breads, salads and so on. Most folks bring some extra to share as well as extra drinks. Beer, wine, teas, juices. ( our water is from our well and is filtered and great to drink so you don't really need to bring bottled water)


Thursday we do a pot luck BBQ of Brats, Burgers, pot salad, salads, chips, deserts.. Get creative and surprise us..On the pot luck meals we ask folks to pre make dishes so it is easier to set up at meal time. There is no real oven available unless it is an emergency so plan ahead!

Friday is Spanish food night and every kind you can imagine is usually available. Tamales, chili, fajitas, rice, beans, and if we are lucky someone brings flan! Bring your favorite dish.

Sat night is Italian night. Spagetti, pasta dishes of all kinds, sausages, meatballs, eggplant,cheese, olives, brushetta, breads, salads and different deserts. And wine. Oh and did I mention wine? Bring extra to share. You gettin the idea yet. Most bring the same food they would bring to a gourmet campout and then some. If you really have to have something, town is 10 minutes away. Someone usually goes in often enough to get ice and more wine! yeh! And I heard there are sometimes a few Birthdays that may be celebrated Sat Night. Yummy cake and ice cream!

The larger new music room is going to be used for dining if it gets cold and will be open for eating 7:30 am -9:30 am and for dinner 5:30-7pm.. The rest of the time it is for music jams.

Camping is the other thing I should mention.  New campsite map THANKS TO RICK AND DON KALLAUS !!  We have had lots of folks get their sites reserved where they have been in past years and several new folks have already lined up their spots. We like to close the driveway going down close to the music by Friday am so come early and contact Geo to get a spot to your liking set aside for you. You can click on this map below and copy paste, or save it and then print it so it is easier to view if you like. If you have not been here before and need some help understanding the terraine just email Geo and he will help you. HE MAY ASK YOU TO CALL HIM FOR CLARIFICATION......By the way we do have room now for RVs and vehicles pulling camping trailers up to 30ft most likely... 

FYI, We have a couple of new camp spots coming up on the new edited map for 2014. Shady Grove is down near the large music room below Pastures of Plenty, Cold Frosty Morning is just below that one.. And up near Liberty we have another called Blue Ridge Cabin Home..and if you pay close attention you will notice a new pathway from Shady Grove up to the parking area that is lit up at night and has jam spot number 4, a small intimate outside sitting area with a view.. check it out...

 We can help you get your gear down to where you need it if you do get here late and cannot take your vehicle down below, Or we have some nice spots up above also.. If you need your car out where you can leave on emergency that option is available. Just camp up above. Some folks will come early to help set up on the weekends in April when we will have a bbq, work day and jam. Let us know if you can help and join us.  The new heated music rooms are all ready and will be set up again this year. You will like them!  They allow us to pick all night long!

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