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Looking Back to 2010

2010 - A look back. 2010 was a special year that brought new friends to our Stringjam for the first time. Art, Linda,Peter, Erica, Gary, Christine and John all came up from Alb NM. All great folks and better players. We had our first hammered dulcimer and clarinet added to the sound.. Fantastic! Christine did a workshop for guitar Sat afternoon for intermediate players. Will Evans and Ric Albertson came down from Colorado Springs for their first Stringjam. Don and Pat were celebrating their 10th anniversary at the plaza hotel during our festival but got over here to join us for dinners and some tunes. There brought their good friend Victoria down from the Springs to stay for a few days with us.  Tom's sister Kate came out from Wash DC and stayed for the final 3 days. Lydia came to connect again with Emily and share what she had learned on mandolin so far in her lessons.. Bill Dollar came from Pendaries to join us a couple of afternoons and an old friend from childhood days of Tom and Kate's dropped in on Sat with his guitar and lady friend who knew all of our friends and kids.. Sunday morning brought a new touch to our gathering. Nate, Art, Rick, Michael, Will, Pat, and Jim did a one hour old time gospel session and it was wonderful. While the music was playing in the yard Cliff, Chris and others were cooking chow..2010 was a great year for our Roadrunner Stringjam. Each year we miss a few folks who get tied up with other things and new folks join in. It makes it so unique and fun. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings. Love to hear some stories from you too.. Geo

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