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2011 Stringjam was a Great year! Best ever!

 For those of you who attended this year, we would love to hear your comments. You can post a comment or hear what others had to say about the 2011 Stringjam at the bottom of this blog page. Click on the link that says comments on the bottom right and give us your feedback )

The weather was incredible! Lots of warm sunny mornings and evenings.


Didn't need to use our new room for a dining hall once during the evenings due to the great weather.


We dined and played music inside and outside each night all week long. Music during dinner is sweet. Below Scott, Carl, Marilyn provide some great stuff for the dinner hour. Other players enjoyed the outside jams too.

Carl, Scott, and Marilyn at dinner time


The food was great as usual. Everyone contributed something to the pot luck meals and there was plenty to share. Even had some great vegitarian dishes.


 The music was exceptional. Many new players joined us this year.


We used all three rooms each evening and Rolf came up with some names for the new music spaces.Gospel music Sunday morning in the small room in the photos below. Front wall comes out for the open feel. He had a special name for this one for night jams...


The new small room he calls the " therapy room" probably because you can get really close and intimate in there. Kind of has a living room feel. The larger room of the 2 new ones we set up this year he called the " experimental room". Lots of great stuff going on in there. Here Art and Michael take a minute to work on some of their tunes in the " experimental room".  Note the vintage Telluride posters donated by Don K for some backdrop in the new rooms.

Of course the main room is still special as seen below with Nate and Kevin leading a tune......and in the two following shots you can see Sarah having a quiet mid afternoon moment with her guitar during a break in the music.



A couple of the nights folks switched off between rooms a few times to create some really interesting and sweet music. The younger musicians played a part too.


I think all the rooms were going unitl 2 am each night and on Friday we heard several players went until 4:30 am. Emily doesn't sleep you know.

New friends and old ones came from Colorado and Santa Fe and Albuquerque and Denver.

Tanya and Diane Gibbs


Charlie and Rolf shared more than their tunes and tales. Below Rolf Dave and Tom join others in a few songs.


Don came all the way from the Gallup area to join us. Got Cliff playing his banjo in the background on several tunes.


  Emily snuck away from school long enough to bless us all for 2 days.

Lots of singing this year made it that much sweeter. Jim and Pat came down from the Boulder area and Jim brought an illegal instrument from NASA to play on Friday night. Don't know what's in that case Jim. Do I want to know?

He brought some great treats too, like some awesome red chili.....

Evan officially joined our cleanup crew, or I should say ran it for us.


His sister Gwen found out that a violin is really a fiddle with a fur coat and a tuxedo, fully capable of some great music in the right hands when you put a pair of jeans and a tee shirt on it. Keep an eye out for her video coming soon to our video page.

So many new sounds this year.


Ben and Diane came with their cello and dulcimer. Don Grieser came with his mandolins, and Kevin came with his songs and guitar. Michael and Donna brought all their many instruments and songs, and a new friend Aaron to play some great fiddle.

 Jan brought her banjo and Corrine brought her upright bass. Tony brought mandos and guitars.


Diane and John Gibbs brought their many talents to make some great music Friday night in the " experimental room" with friends from all over.

  Rick had his new HIlburn to share and we even had a few tunes played on 4 Hilburn A models at once.

four happy hilburn players

Wed and Thursday nights we usually have a half dozen players but this year we had at least 15 with some acoustical blues joining us from the Las Vegas boys who showed up. The steak dinner wasn't bad either on Wed night......garlic mash taters, salad, mmmmmmm.

  That's me and Tom cookin up the steaks for Wed night and talkin about a mandolin tune.

Don Kallaus had a great slide show to share after dinner on Sat night about the old days at Telluride fest in Colorado in the big room. ( Even brought out the big screen tv for that one.)

 Oh, and we had birthday cake too! That was provided from my dear neice Emilee Tinker who came down from Denver with my Nephew Mike. Here is her beautiful cake and here she is with Tom at the outdoor kitchen area helping out..


 And,,,,,,, Nic my Son came all the way from the Tucson Az area to give me my Birthday bottle of Irish nectar. For the old man you know. He picked up a guitar a few times too!

Nic and Tanya




Another special treat was having Lena my Grandaughter come out from Portland Oregon to visit with her Mom Sarah who played a few tunes on guitar for us each night.

Lena and her Mom


My old pal Cliff made it down from CO Springs even with some heavy trials going on in his family's life right now..His presence and his banjo blessed us all.


That be a big guitar!!!!!


  Locals Dave and Christina and their kids Issac and Maya came and camped out for their first year with some great tunes, and Carmen and Emma joined the other kids to annoint the hot tub on Wed night. Here they are with Scott on a walk to their campsite.


 There is so much I must be forgetting. Many others joined us too. Steve


brought his harmonicas, Nate traveled down from Taos to sing and play. Here he is recording a tune with a bunch of the group in the large room......Bill, Kevin, Art, Jan, Corrine, Jim and others.

 Christine came up with her friend from Alb. I need pics of you Christine....Who am I leaving out?  I have a lot more to share and some great photos and videos that will be on the video and photo page, so keep looking here on the site and I'll eventually get all of you in here. Please send photos if you have some and we will post them. And thank you all who donated to the Whiskey fund for the Roadrunner Stringjam account. Tanya and I want to thank all of you who came and made great music and great food and fellowship.......See you next year!  2012 Roadrunner Stringjam dates are: May 2-6 Wed thru Sunday! See you next year. Mark your calendars before you forget!!!!

We would appreciate your comments. If you attended or not you can comment on this blog or the jam itself by clicking the small link that says " comment" below here on the right side and you can say a few words.. thanks, geo


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this is my test comment by geo hope the rest of you who attended the 2011 festival make some comments here.. thanks in advance geo(H)

Looks the the festival was a blast! Keep up the good work GEO!!!

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