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Website finally finished enough to start up!!! March 8th 2011

Website finished in time to send out mailings ,,,, yey!!!

Thanks to our friends Chad and Meagen we have our new site started up. All the photos are from years past and are set up randomly so check them out and if you have a few to contribute send them to Geo via email. Really excited about getting away from myspace because folks had a hard time finding things and understanding how to get around the site for info. This one is much simpler.

We found out it did not have a regular music player to add typical itunes songs or music to. So we came up with the idea of allowing all of the players we know send in mp3s to have added to the site. If we forgot about you please forgive me and send your mp3s to geo attached to an email. Love to have them. You all know what our typical potluck meals are like. If you have any suggestions for a different meal to consider or any changes you would like to see just send an email. Although weather is never easy to read, this year should be warmer for a few obvious reasons and we are looking forward to that.

Hope to see all of you here this year.  Geo


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